Who are we? Canine Federation of Canada is a registrar of purebred dogs in Canada.This non-profit organization is established under the  Animal Pedigree Act of Parliament under the aegis of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food.


Mission Statement 


The mission of the Canine Federation of Canada is to serve and protect the Pure Breed Dog in Canada. To offer and educate the public dog fancier about pure breeds that are recognized by the Canine Federation of Canada. By-Laws of the CFC   règlements en français


Objects and Purpose


  • To register, establish standards of breeding, keep pedigrees, issue certificates and statistics concerning pure-bred dogs.
  • To assist members by providing relevant information and services.
  • To maintain effective monitoring of the breeders of pure-bred dogs to assure that the appropriate breeding records are maintained and that all required procedures are followed.
  • To adopt and implement the rules and regulations governing dog shows, obedience trials and various trials for pure-bred dogs, such as lure coursing, etc.
  • To work together with the clubs towards the promotion, the improvement and the preservation of the pure-bred dog.



Affiliated Clubs

Canadian Coton de Tulear Club

Cane Corso Club of Canada

Club Canin du Coeur du Québec

Club canadien du chien rouge de Hanovre


Events Committee

For more information about this committee, contact TBD